Scuba diving in Reunion

Discover the seabed of the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Our small diving center is located in the west of the island in the town of St Leu. For greater conviviality and safety, we limit our capacity to 6 divers for 2 state-certified instructors. Reservation by telephone or email is obligatory.

The diving of your desires!

Start with your first dive, a first immersion supervised by a professional instructor limited to a depth of 6 m.

For those who then wish to become real divers, progressive technical training is offered to reach depths of up to 60 m in an autonomous group.

Finally, for divers who are already certified, various exploration dives are possible on reefs, passes, walls and wrecks.

With Plongée Péï, everyone can find the dive they want!

Observe cetaceans with Plongée Péi, diving center in Saint-Leu

One of the most exquisite spectacles offered by the coastal waters of Reunion Island is the observation of cetaceans. It is in fact possible, thanks to Plongée Péi, to meet the largest mammals that can exist. Do not let yourself be intimidated by this experience, observing cetaceans is intended to be safe. You will be able to approach them at a respectable distance but more than enough to leave you with an unforgettable memory.

In addition to observing cetaceans, our outings will also be an opportunity to discover all the rest of the local marine fauna. This ranges from turtles to seabirds, some endemic to the island, including other species that are just as exciting to discover.

Scuba diving, much more than a sport...

Going “through the looking glass” is very recent in the history of humanity. Take advantage of the legacy left to us by Commander Cousteau to realize the dreams of many of our great grandparents.

Of course rigor and experience are always required for safe underwater exploration, but the material progress of the last 20/30 years has made this feat accessible to everyone, from 8 years old to 88 years old, so don't hesitate any longer, take the plunge. at the water!

You will then discover a multifaceted activity, from observing underwater fauna to “tek” diving through underwater photography, everyone comes to meet their community to exchange… and dive!

Plongée Péï plongeur ïle de la Réunion

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My clients testify

Super sortie plongée à la passe des 3 bassins ! David est un très bon encadrant qui connait bien ce qu’il fait et son domaine ! Petites palanquées ! 👌
Christophe Skopinski

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