Underwater observation of cetaceans in Reunion Island

Don't dream about it anymore, come live your dreams!

Marine mammals, whales and dolphins, are incredible animals to observe, especially since they live in a world that is not ours. 

Trust us, let us put all our experience at your service to offer you the best possible interaction with them. Even if, of course, when it comes to wild animals evolving in a natural environment, no encounter is guaranteed, our outings are an opportunity to learn a lot about these cetaceans, their behavior, their habits but also how to differentiate the species.

Then if all the security parameters are met, we will slip into the water and perhaps have the chance to see the magic happen...


Whale and dolphin watching, a regulated activity.

L'cetacean observation on Reunion Island is an activity regulated by prefectural decree.

Speeds and approach distances must be respected. Children are allowed from 12 years old and freediving is prohibited.

Cetaceans, although not hostile to humans, nevertheless remain wild animals whose behavior can sometimes be unpredictable. Additional safety instructions will be specified during the briefing on the day of your outing.

Please make sure you have already used fins, masks and snorkel and protect yourself against seasickness if necessary.

Obviously, we will never force you to get into the water, on the contrary, you are the only one who knows your limits. However, wearing a neoprene suit, a positive buoyancy garment, replacing the life jacket, is obligatory for all participants.

Finally, the approach of cetaceans is strictly prohibited throughout the marine reserve area.

Of course, our diving center Plongée Péi is a signatory of the charter of good conduct and undertakes to respect the regulations in force, but above all the peace of mind of the animals observed.

Cetaceans, wild animals in a natural environment.

No encounters with animals are guaranteed during our outings.

The only thing we can promise you is to ensure your safety and have a pleasant time at sea.

Of course we are committed to putting all our experience to work in order to offer you the most beautiful possible interactions with whales and dolphins but we will be keen to help you discover marine life as a whole and in particular turtles and seabirds. .

Several species of dolphins are sedentary on the coasts of Reunion all year round, some very close to the coast and others further offshore. Whales, on the other hand, follow migration cycles. For this reason, they are only found around Reunion Island during the southern winter, that is to say from June to October. 

Sharks are also wild animals which have their place on the coasts of Reunion. Contrary to what one might believe, there are very few of them here and their sighting is extremely rare. If the safety instructions are followed they are not a danger. Proof, no shark-related accident has ever been recorded involving a diver in Reunion Island.

Prices for cetacean trips

By reservation only, outings are done in small groups (8 people maximum).
2 professional diving instructors trained in approaching cetaceans will supervise you.
Accessible only from 8 years old and 12 years old for whale launches.